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What is a better word for genuine? What's another word for genuine? What are 5 "genuine synonyms"? How can I replace the word genuine? What is the meaning of genuine in English?

Word Example of - genuine

    Example Sentences for genuine

    His protestations would have been passionate had they been genuine.

    Still, how could it be genuine homesickness when the object of his yearning was beside him?

    It would be difficult to find one who could be the subject of a genuine lyric.

    Pash, who knows his writing better than any other man, says the document is genuine.

    He felt transports of joy in clasping her in his arms and genuine despair when he left her.

    I had sent two or three lots of the genuine bills in that way.

    It is surely enough to keep in mind how gracious a gift of the gods is a genuine affection between two right-hearted men.

    Could it be possible that her professions of love and admiration had been genuine?

    She worried over Eleanore out of genuine affection: it pained her to know that she could no longer admire Eleanore.

    You believe me, Jim, when I say that my pride in your career is genuine?

Word Origin & History of - genuine

    Word Origin & History

    genuine 1596, from L. genuinus "native, natural," from root of gignere "beget" (see genus), perhaps infl. in form by contrasting adulterinus "spurious." Alternative etymology is from L. genu "knee," from an ancient custom of a father acknowledging paternity of a newborn by placing it on his knee.