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Word Example of - germ

    Example Sentences for germ

    It is not only to the most dreaded diseases that he has applied the germ theory.

    The body of the germ is infolded, so that the embryo appears bent on itself.

    Often, she had read, the places where kidnapers confined their victims were filthy and germ laden.

    This was the germ thought: Character is to get its direction and energy in the day's work.

    Here is the germ of benefit societies and clubs and insurances and hospitals.

    But the idea lying at the root of this group of tales is as yet only in germ.

    But, unwittingly, they planted the germ of schism, which at the appointed time produced its terrible fruit.

    Thank Heaven, however, the germ of revolt and sanity was always there.

    If it went where such too often are said to go, it left its germ in earth to bud and blossom.

    But if you admit the germ theory, the difficulty vanishes at once.

Word Origin & History of - germ

    Word Origin & History

    germ 1644, "rudiment of a new organism in an existing one," from M.Fr. germe, from L. germen (gen. germinis) "sprout, bud," from PIE base *gen- "to beget, bear" (cf. Skt. janman "birth, origin;" see genus). The original sense is preserved in wheat germ and germ of an idea; sense of "seed of a disease" first recorded 1803; that of "harmful microorganism" dates from 1871.

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