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Word Example of - gibberish

    Example Sentences for gibberish

    Worldliness, sensuality, and devilism are things helped forward by their gibberish.

    Of course I am telling this in my own language, as I translated it from the negro's gibberish.

    Fiery faces and damages—What does your Westminster-hall gibberish mean?

    Their charms were repeated sometimes in their own language and sometimes in gibberish.

    His language might be gibberish to her, but it was clear that he was trying to entertain her, even woo her.

    Arthur told me it was gibberish to him and he had thrown it on the fire.

    "Those words are not gibberish," said Pierce Campbell quietly.

    She only uttered the gibberish of her trade; I am sorry that I wasted a sixpence upon her.'

    In this cry Cellini recognised the gibberish at the beginning of the seventh canto of Dante's "Inferno."

    The woman had told him a lot of gibberish about friendly and unfriendly elements.

Word Origin & History of - gibberish

    Word Origin & History

    gibberish c.1554, imitative of the sound of chatter, probably influenced by jabber. Used early 17c. of the language of rogues and gypsies.

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