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Word Example of - gild

    Example Sentences for gild

    When during the Second Punic War a gild of poets was instituted, this too had its meeting-place in the same temple.

    There is gold enough there to gild the walls and ceiling, if it were beaten thin.

    After a workman had been seven years a member, the gild assured him a livelihood in case of disability from any cause.

    See how it seems to gild everything as the light rises, Dolly!

    As to the upset of gild monopolies in the sixteenth century, see p. 76.

    He undertook to gild and letter books at his customers' own houses.

    This Russian had the barbarous taste to gild the building within and without.

    It is not necessary to gild the background to produce a fine effect.

    Too many of his gild had lost their liberty through some errant desire to be confidential.

    Gild the three points on the top to make them look as if made of brass.

Word Origin & History of - gild

    Word Origin & History

    gild O.E. gyldan, from P.Gmc. *gulthianan (cf. O.N. gylla "to guild"), from *gulthan "gold."

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