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What is a better word for giveaway? What's another word for giveaway? What are 5 "giveaway synonyms"? How can I replace the word giveaway? What is the meaning of giveaway in English?

Word Example of - giveaway

    Example Sentences for giveaway

    Only his hands were a giveaway; they were stained with yellow and black stains that looked completely out of place on the man.

    Showing more than a normal interest would have been a giveaway.

    I almost halted in alarm, but that might have been a giveaway.

    But in spite of the giveaway, Ingolby was getting them where they were soft-fairly drugging them with good news.

    Even the way they shake whenever they come out of the mud is a giveaway—what better way to seed their crop far and wide?

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    Word Origin & History of giveaway

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