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Word Example of - glaze

    Example Sentences for glaze

    The gum prevents the colour shifting during the immersion, but does not prevent the glaze adhering.

    Then glaze them all over with egg, and sprinkle them with bread-crumbs.

    Much of it was redecorated on the glaze and the pattern burnt in so as to hide the decoration.

    Skim the stock and reduce it to a glaze to cover the sweetbreads.

    Outside the car window was a glaze of darkness stippled with the gold of infrequent mysterious lights.

    If there is no soup of course you make it with a piece of glaze.

    When tender, remove the skin and cover with glaze or fine raspings.

    Strain the meat liquor, remove the fat, and boil it down to a glaze.

    On went the wrestling match, with the advantage at one moment to Glaze, at another to the young opponent.

    Glaze is used for enriching gravies and soups, and for glazing meat.

Word Origin & History of - glaze

    Word Origin & History

    glaze mid-14c., glasen "to fit with glass," from glas (see glass), probably infl. by glazier (late 14c.). Noun sense of "substance used to make a glossy coating" is first attested 1784.

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