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Word Example of - glean

    Example Sentences for glean

    I am an old man, and my mind goes haltingly, yet that is what I seem to glean from your rambling screed.

    Keep your eyes open and glean all the information you possibly can.

    I take comfort in the philosophy which I glean from the top of a London motor-bus.

    I have never yet been able to glean from him whose tower it is he looks out from, or what he looks out for.

    Ten years ago it would have been possible to glean reminiscences from many, who are now silent.

    First came the harvesters; and then those who were content to glean where the others had left.

    Can I glean nothing from this paper that may sound like fresh and genuine information?

    It is out of what I glean from individuals I make up my generalities.'

    From the official written narrative of Mr. William Bonny I glean the following, and array the facts in clear order.

    Now it remained—and O, the sweetness of it—to glean the harvest of our toil.

Word Origin & History of - glean

    Word Origin & History

    glean early 14c., from O.Fr. glener, from L.L. glennare "make a collection," from Gaulish (cf. O.Ir. do-glinn "he collects, gathers," Celt. glan "clean, pure"). Figurative sense was earlier in English than the literal one of "gather grain left by the reapers" (late 14c.).

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