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Word Example of - glee

    Example Sentences for glee

    It was the evening of the Glee Club concert, and nearly everybody not a freshman was going to dine somewhere before the concert.

    The face of the Glee Club's comedian had assumed just the right seriousness.

    Stone was out for the glee club, already planning to take singing lessons in the contest for the leadership, three years off.

    And my, how the Giant roared with glee when he caught sight of Ebenezer.

    Then he began to dance about the room with an expression of glee that annoyed Doctor Johnson exceedingly.

    With her came little Tota in a high state of glee and excitement.

    Andy laughed in glee, then he shook his head in assumed solemnity.

    And my glee was roused because I had caught Mr. Kipling napping.

    There used to be the Goose and Glee club;—that was once a month.

    At that the glee in the faces of Privates Denton and Burke faded somewhat.

Word Origin & History of - glee

    Word Origin & History

    glee O.E. gliu "entertainment, mirth, jest," presumably from a P.Gmc. *gliujan but absent in other Gmc. languages except for the rare O.N. gly. In O.E., an entertainer was a gleuman. A poetic word in M.E., obsolete c.1500-c.1700, it somehow found its way back to currency late 18c. Glee club (1814) is from the secondary O.E. sense of "unaccompanied part-song," as a form of musical entertainment.

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