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The Synonym of - globule (noun)

Word Example of - globule

    Example Sentences for globule

    Equivalent to the English suffixes -let in "streamlet," -ule in "globule," "pustule."

    I should like to see Buccellini, however, and have a globule of the Elysian essence.

    Every globule which fell in darkness from the rock recorded, like the sand grain of an hour-glass, some change in Marianson.

    Every circle is as complete in itself, whether rounding a globule or a star.

    Copper Glance is distinguished by its color, fumes of sulphur, and globule of copper.

    Every drop of rain, every globule of mist must have a nucleus.

    Why does any liquid in falling through the air assume the globule form?

    A globule of sapphire shone afar, the elfin bubble of her home.

    This vapour is a bad conductor of heat, and prevents the rapid conduction of heat from the metal to the globule.

    Then the globule of light which had first attracted my attention reappeared.

Word Origin & History of - globule

    Word Origin & History of globule

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