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Word Example of - gloom

    Example Sentences for gloom

    Then it was rain, wind, obscureness of gloom, and lightning.

    A brilliant fire would dispel all gloom, with its wide-spreading illumination.

    In your Preface you say, "What would it avail me in this gloom of solitude?"

    She could not see a thing; but she waited in the gloom for the steward to come and light the lamps.

    It tells of the shortness of the day, and contains even in its clearness a promise of the gloom of night.

    He watched it for a moment, till it disappeared in the gloom.

    Then followed a crash and a flash over the place where the boys knew the capital lay in darkness and gloom.

    Paklin looked at Solomin who was smiling and at Markelov who sat enveloped in his gloom.

    The natives of Millbank Sound picture it as two rivers guarded by huge gates, and flowing out of a dark lakeā€”the gloom of death.

    So saying, with noiseless strides the chief vanished in the gloom.

Word Origin & History of - gloom

    Word Origin & History of gloom

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