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Word Example of - gloominess

    Example Sentences for gloominess

    His piquant conceits modified the gloominess, I might say the lugubriousness, of his countenance.

    Louis had none of his brother's gloominess, but was perfectly radiant.

    The gloominess of that season is the less felt, both because it is expected, and because the days are short.

    Discontent, discomfort, worry, gloominess on nearly every face.

    The atmosphere of the strange old heathen epic is oppressive in its gloominess.

    But with all the gloominess mingles the white hawthorn blossom.

    Statues of nymphs, who must have seen the boyhood of the late king, secreted under tree ivy their gloominess and mutilations.

    What strikes one in this city is a general aspect of gloominess.

    The vicissitudes of all seasons occurred in one, and, before my spring had closed, I had felt the winter's gloominess and cold.

    It was sad, even to gloominess; and something of shame seemed to cover it.

Word Origin & History of - gloominess

    Word Origin & History

    gloomy 1580s, probably from gloom even though that word is not attested as early as this one is. Shakespeare used it of woods, Marlowe of persons. Gloomy Gus used in a general sense of "sullen person" since 1940s, from a comic strip character of that name first recorded 1904.

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