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Word Example of - glorify

    Example Sentences for glorify

    Full of her he sets himself to glorify her, and to tell over and over again his own story.

    The book has been written neither to aid the Abolitionist nor glorify the planter.

    Painters and sculptors of all epochs have been inclined to glorify the nude in their works.

    Only one part of her promise had she 197kept faithfully—to “Glorify work.”

    He will either not restore at all, or else restore in such a way as to magnify and glorify the riches of his grace.

    As we have seen, that purpose is above everything to glorify the Word of God.

    The purpose being that men should quit glorying in themselves and glorify Him from whom everything had come, and was ever coming.

    I can ask no happier lot for them than that by death they may glorify God.

    Now this he spake, signifying by what manner of death he should glorify God.

    You cannot glorify God more than by publishing good-will to one another.

Word Origin & History of - glorify

    Word Origin & History of glorify

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