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Word Example of - glorious

    Example Sentences for glorious

    I asked, not finding that entertainment to the accompaniment of sabre-blows so glorious.

    But they were not allowed, to fulfil this glorious resolution.

    Glorious fields, in truth, but the combats of the past had left them hideous!

    The morning was glorious, the air rich with the full breath of a southern spring.

    There were a dozen glorious American beauties in her compartment when she entered it.

    If you smile at Bones, you smile at the glorious spirit of enterprise which has created Empire.

    Which might be a glorious sort of tomb, but it did not appeal to me.

    This was a rare and glorious opportunity, of course, for Bramble.

    Orange memories are stirring, but they are not glorious beside the traditions of the Volunteers.

    My first ski-run, the most glorious run of modern times, was over.

Word Origin & History of - glorious

    Word Origin & History of glorious

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