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Word Example of - gloss

    Example Sentences for gloss

    If you did, you would find they had none of the gilt and gloss you imagine.

    But the gloss remained, and so did the richness of the folds, and the wealth and weight of it.

    The spot will disappear without taking the gloss off the silk.

    All the stiffness and gloss had gone out of his beautiful furry coat.

    Dr. Kern, in editing the Malberg glosses, points out that the gloss in Title xlii.

    They draw this distinction when it is too late, and use it as a quibble to gloss over their fault.

    Now I at once recognised the gloss of six brand-new "store teeth."

    This filler should be very thin and leave only a suggestion of gloss.

    Think more about the cleanliness, than the gloss or texture of your clothes.

    What could gloss over the base return he made them for all their hospitalities and attention?

Word Origin & History of - gloss

    Word Origin & History

    gloss "luster," 1538, from Scand. (cf. Icelandic glossi "flame," related to glossa "to flame"), or obsolete Du. gloos "a glowing," from M.H.G. glos.

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