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What is a better word for glossary? What's another word for glossary? What are 5 "glossary synonyms"? How can I replace the word glossary? What is the meaning of glossary in English?

The Synonym of - glossary (noun)

Word Example of - glossary

    Example Sentences for glossary

    For the meaning of this and of other Indian words, consult the glossary.

    The work concludes with notes, a glossary of Yankee terms, and a copious index.

    The last part, containing elaborate notes and glossary, was issued in 1884.

    Consult the new edition of Nares' Glossary, voce Walsingham.

    Nares, in his Glossary, observes that the name gimmal was preserved to rings made triple, or even more complimentary.

    Instead, the Index and Glossary are linked directly to each word.

    These shields are figured in the Glossary of Heraldry, pp. 285, 286.

    And to this last word Tyrwhit, in his Glossary, gives "rend?"

    Useful receipts and a glossary of technical terms are given.

    By the Editor of the "Glossary;" with numerous Illustrations, 4s.

Word Origin & History of - glossary

    Word Origin & History

    glossary late 14c., from L. glossarium "collection of glosses" (see gloss (2)), from Gk. glossarion, dim. of glossa "obsolete or foreign word."