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Word Example of - glower

    Example Sentences for glower

    Cesano, whose presence we have remarked, had chosen the darkest corner of the cellar to glower in.

    "Nothing which need make you glower at me like that," defiantly.

    The judge leaned forward to glower at the older of the two prisoners.

    To glower at her as usual in the Strand if she passed him with young Ellerton.

    The Prince was there, too, and it was lots of fun to see him glower at the other men.

    What the deuce, then, was the fellow up to, that he should glower and dodge like a sleuth in a play?

    The blue eyes met his, not with a glare or a glower, but with a look of interest and inquiry.

    The heater is cut out by an electromagnet when the glower goes into operation.

    Remembering their first encounter, the grocer tried to outstare him; but Gourlay hardened his glower, and the grocer blinked.

    Each of them was so dear to her, that it was a pity that they should glower at each other like enemies.

Word Origin & History of - glower

    Word Origin & History

    glower 1500, "to stare with wide eyes," from a Scandinavian source (cf. Norw. dial. glora "to glow"), from P.Gmc. base *glo-, root of O.E. glowan "to glow," which infl. the spelling. Meaning "to look angrily, scowl" is first recorded 1775.