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Word Example of - gluttony

    Example Sentences for gluttony

    They were much given to gluttony and drinking; and there was an unthinkable amount of scandal and backbiting and jealousy.

    It will be less embarrassing if there is no witness of my gluttony.

    Gluttony, it has been written—and with wisdom—deserves nothing but praise and encouragement.

    Nevertheless, the chevalier frowned, rather from pride than gluttony.

    How many do gluttony and sloth tumble into an untimely grave!

    Mental culture is not fostered by gluttony, but gluttony is indulged in at the expense of mental culture.

    For Gluttony and Lust, if you hold me guilty, I will not complain.

    While Vitellius was thus sunk in sloth and gluttony his destiny was on its march.

    A wolverine is not to be easily tricked; but its gluttony and curiosity bring it within man's reach.

    Put an end to your gluttony, and hear the splendid promises with which you are favoured!

Word Origin & History of - gluttony

    Word Origin & History of - gluttony

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