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Word Example of - gnarly

    Example Sentences for gnarly

    It had been seen to destroy a four year old bull by a single impact upon that animal's gnarly forehead.

    The latter had been shaved and smoothed over every gnarly place.

    In front stands the old brown anvil set upon a gnarly maple block.

    The chance apple tree beside the road, with fruit too gnarly to eat, is common on roadsides throughout New England.

    The bully is always a coward, but there was a good sound spot of right-mindedness, after all, in John Packer's gnarly disposition.

    He was tall and gnarly and the point of his chin rested stiffly on the slope of his shoulder.

    Gnarly fruit may be used for jellies or marmalades by cutting out defective portions.

    Her neck, far too liberally exhibited, resembled nothing so much as the stem of an ill-conditioned, gnarly young olive tree.

    And as he peers he crooks one monstrous leg and with his gnarly toes scratches himself on the stomach.

    Some gnarly apple which I pick up in the road reminds me by its fragrance of all the wealth of Pomona.

Word Origin & History of - gnarly

    Word Origin & History

    gnarly 1829, from gnarl (see gnarled) + -y (2). Picked up 1970s as surfer slang to describe a dangerous wave; it had spread in teen slang by 1980s, where it meant both "excellent" and "disgusting."