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Word Example of - goddess

    Example Sentences for goddess

    Sip, my friend, you embrace the Goddess of your choice above.

    The goddess Pele has resigned the foreigner in discouragement.

    And the most belovéd of all is the goddess E-yet-e-ko (Mother Earth) who nourishes them all their days.

    The Germans had a Corn-mother, a goddess of agricultural growth and fertility.

    I could not believe it possible that any god or goddess would compel a woman to act in such a foolish way.

    To dedicate a girl to the goddess would be an alternative to the sacrifice of her.

    Dupaix describes it correctly in saying it represents a person apparently “absorbed in devotion”—a worshiper, and not a goddess.

    The girl devoted to death belonged to the goddess in one way, if not in the other.

    Their mother was a vestal virgin,—that is, she was a maiden who tended the sacred fire in the temple of the goddess Vesta.

    Iduna, the Goddess, tended the tree on which the shining apples grew.

Word Origin & History of - goddess

    Word Origin & History

    goddess mid-14c., from god (q.v.) + fem. suffix -esse.