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Word Example of - going-out

    Example Sentences for going

    But, with a movement of great swiftness, Garson got in front of her, and barred her going.

    You are going to fight with me, Ames, to help me save the Service.

    Well, I don't like to feel that my salary's going on with me not earning it.

    I'm going to see every farmer in the valley and have a good talk with him.

    I would to-day if I were going up there, and Mrs. Mason would give me some sandwiches.

    And I'm going to get the farmers who have been successful to co-operate with the farmers who have failed.

    But I would like you to know into what sort of struggle you are going: learn its nature from one who knows.

    I am going to miss the demands he made on my best spiritual effort.

    Everybody who knew what had been going on upstairs was there.

    We are going to put up a fight to keep you here, Mr. Manning.

Word Origin & History of - going-out

    Word Origin & History of - going-out

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