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"golden-rule Synonyms"

What is a better word for golden-rule? What's another word for golden-rule? What are 5 "golden-rule synonyms"? How can I replace the word golden-rule? What is the meaning of golden-rule in English?

Word Example of - golden-rule

    Example Sentences for golden

    The story of the fall of the Golden Horde may be briefly told.

    Then Golden Hair stepped in very carefully, and looked about her.

    She bears to his lips the golden goblet, filled with the nectar of the gods.

    Before us, stealing up the golden beach, would be the Mediterranean.

    That wouldn't prevent them from trying to capture the golden skull, anyway.

    But the hair was of a golden color, and fashionably dressed.

    Let your bridal gift be a dish of rare meat on a golden charger.

    There sat Iduna in the golden house that opened on her garden.

    It was all the living, throbbing present—with only the golden future to be explored.

    The upper part of her body is also of a golden green; the lower of a reddish-buff.

Word Origin & History of - golden-rule

    Word Origin & History of golden-rule

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