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Word Example of - gonads

    Example Sentences for gonads

    The gonads, whether formed in the polyp or the medusa, are developed in the ectoderm.

    The gonads are pink in the males, and yellow in the females.

    The gonads originate by proliferation of the anterior wall of the pericardium.

    Gonads were moderately active in our specimens as early as mid-July.

    These intracellular forms multiply by ordinary fission in the cells of the Malpighian tubules and gonads.

    Four egg-sacs, or gonads, are conspicuous in horseshoe shape around the center of the disk.

    Their position varies, but is constant for the species, and they are rarely found behind the gonads.

    The gonads, as in other Arthropoda, are hollow saccular organs, the cavity communicating with the efferent ducts.

    The contents of the gonads drop into the central cavity and pass out through the mouth.

    Stomachs and gonads were removed and preserved by standard techniques soon after specimens were killed.

Word Origin & History of - gonads

    Word Origin & History

    gonad 1880, coined from Gk. gone "seed, act of generation, race, family," from gignesthai "be born."

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