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Word Example of - goods

    Example Sentences for goods

    A kind Providence has given us of this world's goods an abundance.

    Their tradesmen carry their goods about on barrows like the bakers in France.

    The money they invested as a loan to the Allies was applied by them to buying American goods.

    The Indians were like children about the business of trading land for goods.

    Leaving her clothing and other goods, she started off with the two children, a little food, and her machete.

    If a man passes the store, he is supposed to take away the spirit of the goods.

    In velvet, every alternate stitch should be cut and drawn out on the right side with the pile of the goods.

    It is because of this that we have taken the spoiling of our goods.

    For what wise merchant aduentureth all his goods in one ship?

    If an attempt to steal results in carrying off the owner's goods, it is larceny.

Word Origin & History of - goods

    Word Origin & History

    good O.E. god (with a long "o") "having the right or desirable quality," from P.Gmc. *gothaz (cf. O.N. goðr, Du. goed, Ger. gut, Goth. goþs), originally "fit, adequate, belonging together," from PIE base *ghedh- "to unite, be associated, suitable" (cf. O.C.S. godu "pleasing time," Rus. godnyi "fit, suitable," O.E. gædrian "to gather, to take up together"). Irregular comparatives (better, best) reflect a widespread pattern, cf. L. bonus, melior, optimus. First record of good day is from c.1200. Goods "property" first recorded late 13c., but singular in the same sense was in O.E. ...The good neighbours is Scot. euphemism for "the fairies" (1580s). Good-for-nothing is from 1711; good-looking is from 1780; good-natured first recorded 1570s. Good sport is from 1917; good to go is attested from 1989.

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