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Word Example of - goody-goody

    Example Sentences for goody-goody

    You with a boy three or four years old, posing around as a goody-goody bachelor.

    "You're getting quite too goody-goody," laughed Irene in an excited voice.

    Was this the cousin whom she had considered a sort of namby-pamby, goody-goody girl who would be easily controlled?

    One said contemptuously, "Oh, you're a goody-goody, parson!"

    My respected friend Goody-goody declares the sermon to be 'dreadfully irreverent;' but one needn't mind him.

    They was afraid they'd soil their goody-goody hands, I s'pose.

    The goody-goody little soul of her put its hands about the little weakness of her and held it tight.

    Why, Molly, you always do right; what in the world are you turning so goody-goody for?

    And therefore one must not shout, in the manner of Capuchin monks and goody-goody women, that God is to be seen in every trifle.

    Youre just like the goody-goody, awfully learned boys of the story-book.

Word Origin & History of - goody-goody

    Word Origin & History of goody-goody

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