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Word Example of - goof

    Example Sentences for goof

    What kind of psionic force would it take to make so many people in the United States goof up the way they were doing?

    He didnt know which way to turn, because he didnt know which way the goof was going to pull up.

    Or was p. 39 this all goof ball sentiment in his own mind, to make himself feel real modest?

    It was the external field around the hull that had decided to goof off this time.

Word Origin & History of - goof

    Word Origin & History

    goof 1916, Amer.Eng., "stupid person," perhaps a variant of Eng. dial. goff "foolish clown" (1869), from 16c. goffe, probably from M.Fr. goffe "awkward, stupid," of uncertain origin. Or Eng. goffe may be from M.E. goffen "speak in a frivolous manner," possibly from O.E. gegaf "buffoonery," and gaffetung "scolding." Sense of "a blunder" is c.1954, probably infl. by gaffe. The verbal meaning "waste time" is 1932; the verb meaning "make a mistake" is from 1941. Goof off "loaf" is also from 1941. Adj. goofy is attested from 1921. The Disney character of that name began life as Dippy Dawg c.1929. Goofball ..."narcotic" is from 1938; as an intensive of goof, it dates from 1959.

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