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The Synonym of - gossiper (noun)

Word Example of - gossiper

    Example Sentences for gossiper

    Off the stage he was a snob by affiliation and a gossiper by inclination.

    Nothing worse can happen to the couple than to be discovered by this gossiper.

    But in place of that he is only a gossiper, writing merely for the entertainment of a private circle.

    The meal did not last long, for the aunt, who was a gossiper, was only serving delicatessen that evening.

    Burnet was a 'gossiper, slanderer, and notorious falsifier of facts.'

Word Origin & History of - gossiper

    Word Origin & History

    gossip O.E. godsibb "godparent," from God + sibb "relative" (see sibling). Extended in M.E. to "any familiar acquaintance" (mid-14c.), especially to woman friends invited to attend a birth, later to "anyone engaging in familiar or idle talk" (1560s). Sense extended 1811 to "trifling talk, groundless rumor." The verb meaning "to talk idly about the affairs of others" is from 1620s.

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