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Word Example of - gouge

    Example Sentences for gouge

    "Gouge" and "Bitts" were only fair workmen, but they did very well under the direction of their foreman.

    A finisher can always alter the thickness of a gouge with emery paper.

    The third time the graduated income tax was declared unconstitutional was a gouge.

    You needn't try to gouge me out o' my rights because you're half-a-head taller.

    Fig. 31 is a detail of a kind of gouge work which you must all know very well.

    The gouge is a form of chisel, the blade of which is concave, and hence the edge curved.

    I loosed your fortune when I know 'twould save My own a gouge.

    In cutting, slant the chisel or gouge outwards at an angle of 45, thus /.

    The sharpening of a gouge for turning is rather difficult for the average student.

    These are some of the ways in which we attempt to gouge nature.

Word Origin & History of - gouge

    Word Origin & History

    gouge 1350, from O.Fr. gouge, from L.L. gubia, alteration of gulbia "hollow beveled chisel," probably from Gaulish (cf. O.Ir. gulban "prick, prickle," Welsh gylfin "beak"). The verb is 1570, from the noun. Meaning "swindle" is Amer.Eng. colloquial from 1826 (implied in plural n. gougers).

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