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Word Example of - grab

    Example Sentences for grab

    "Grab him, Fanny; he's as strong as a young bear," he cried.

    And then as she swooped by, he made a grab at her and tore her dress.

    Are those Tao men going to grab me the minute I show my face on the street, or will he protect me?

    We shall be here on the coast where we can hear of something to grab in on.

    Then, snatching up such clothes as they could grab, the two fled to us.

    I advised you to grab Julius Marston's daughter and, by thunder!

    The kind of human nature it developed was in essence a beast nature, with ‘Grab!’

    But, you may ask, why does not the tiger try to grab one of the little ones then?

    Grab feeleth great curiosity about them, because of the big dogs inside the old wall.

    Suddenly she made a grab and clutched the paper bag to her body.

Word Origin & History of - grab

    Word Origin & History

    grab 1589, from M.Du. or M.L.G. grabben "to grab," from P.Gmc. *grab (cf. O.H.G. garba "sheaf," lit. "that which is gathered up together"), from PIE *gherebh- "to seize" (cf. Skt. grbhnati "seizes," O.Pers. grab- "seize" as possession or prisoner, O.C.S. grabiti "to seize, rob," Lith. grebiu "to rake"). First record of grab-bag "miscellaneous mixture" is 1855, originally a carnival game.