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What is a better word for grade-school? What's another word for grade-school? What are 5 "grade-school synonyms"? How can I replace the word grade-school? What is the meaning of grade-school in English?

Word Example of - grade-school

    Example Sentences for grade

    He was fourteen then, and they started him in the first grade.

    He rose from the ranks to his present grade, and in two years!

    You know what italics mean—you learn that in the Second Grade.

    On that grade there will be no "cut" deeper than 19 feet at the apex and but one of that depth.

    Texas cattle put the horse and his rider more on their mettle than these grade cattle.

    The clay bluff is finding its grade, since it is spared the wash from beneath.

    There would be room, in these four trades alone, for nearly every grade of practical intelligence and productive imagination.

    From the seventh grade up, promotion is by subjects entirely, and not by grades.

    The younger one was maybe a grade or two below Lee, and Lee was in a fight with John, the older one.

    The grade instruction has taught them group acting and group thinking.

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    Word Origin & History of grade-school

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