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Word Example of - gradient

    Example Sentences for gradient

    He found the gradient nearly uniform for heights up to 30 to 40 metres above the ground.

    The 'ways' sloped at a gradient of one foot in twelve, and had iron surfaces.

    Not a hillock nor a hollow, not a curve or loss of gradient; timber enough on the river for ties.

    It may have been the gradient of the hills, but somehow her gait had lost something of its buoyancy.

    The gradient in size of ocelli is also indicated by specimens from other states.

    The gradient steepened, the snow was hard, and the axe was invoked.

    In these populations a gradient may exist in the number of counterfolds which is varied in every population.

    In summer, when the gradient is steepest, convection reaches its maximum.

    He reached the bundle just before the change in gradient which marked the first half of the ramp.

    She was toiling along, for the gradient just there was steep.

Word Origin & History of - gradient

    Word Origin & History

    gradient "steep slope of a road or railroad," 1835, principally in Amer.Eng., from grade (q.v.) by analogy of quotient, etc.

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