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Word Example of - grand

    Example Sentences for grand

    Out of the church at that moment, grand air and all, sauntered Peter Blood.

    The Grand Army could have crossed that narrow strip of water.

    We begin with grand purposes, and we end with very poor results.

    Mrs. Sharp was passed over to Louis, and he made the grand round with her.

    Recent reports of grand juries note some improvement in their conduct.

    There was a grand simplicity in the life of his later years.

    This has indeed been a grand winter for me, and for all of us.

    The procedure was that of a grand jury set in motion by common report.

    Could anything be nobler than to die for a grand, a sublime Cause?

    I arrived about dark, went to the Grand Hotel, and to bed at once.

Word Origin & History of - grand

    Word Origin & History

    grand 1125, from Anglo-Fr. graunt, from O.Fr. grant, grand, from L. grandis "big, great," also "full-grown" (cognate with Gk. brenthueothai "to swagger"). It supplanted magnus in Romance languages; in Eng. with a special sense of "imposing." The connotations of "moral greatness, sublimity," etc., were in Latin. As a general term of admiration, 1816. The noun meaning "thousand dollars" is first recorded in Amer.Eng. underworld slang, 1915, from the adj. The Grand Canyon was so called 1871 by Maj. John Wesley Powell, scientific adventurer, who explored it; earlier it had been known as Big Canyon.

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