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Word Example of - grandpa

    Example Sentences for grandpa

    "May as well give the young-ones some of the grub we bought," Grandpa said patiently.

    Grandpa's oatmeal and milk finished, Johnnie urged the prunes upon him.

    Grandpa says by the time you were fourteen it got so bad he had to get a new front gate, the way they leaned on it.

    The grin narrowed as he remembered that Grandpa was alone in the flat.

    Grandpa said they'd better work it out, since it might be hard to find jobs near by.

    And since he spoke low, and evenly, Grandpa did not wake, to interrupt.

    So they said good-bye to Grandpa Ford, and took the train back home.

    He went to the wheel chair and laid a gentle hand on Grandpa's shoulder.

    Grandpa Walker went back and sat down in his cushioned chair by the window.

    Grandpa did, for he was circling Johnnie, cackling with excitement.

Word Origin & History of - grandpa

    Word Origin & History of grandpa

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