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Word Example of - granny

    Example Sentences for granny

    “I guess no one did except the foolish man, now long dead, who hid them there,” said Granny.

    Granny had a good idea: she knew what a little glutton Tyltyl was.

    If Ka-kee-ta was protector of the royal person Granny proposed to be the keeper of the royal purse.

    I will have this Puritan devil,” he swore, “if the King do not play the granny.

    "We will stay right in our cosy bungalow, Granny, until the snow melts," said Uncle Squeaky.

    Would he then, as Granny had urged him, put on his armour, and go down into the fight?

    An outbreak from Granny heralded the interruption of the witch drama, and brought Bridget to the spot.

    But Granny had brought her here to see the truth about Henry Mann.

    There was nothing for it but to run away to Granny, and she made up her mind to do so.

    Granny, a gray old puss, was the mother and grandmother of all the rest.

Word Origin & History of - granny

    Word Origin & History

    granny 1663, shortening of grandam, from graund dame (see grandfather). Granny Smith apples (1895) named for Maria Ann Smith (d.1870) of Australia, who originated them.

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