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Word Example of - grant

    Example Sentences for grant

    “If we grant it to one, we must to another,” was the answer.

    But grant I may relapse, for want of grace, Again to rhyme, can London be the place?

    Mick isn't Grant's widow, and you are of age, goodness knows.

    And grant to her, O Giver of all good, Thy benediction, with gladness!

    Grant realized that there was no room for squeamishness in this affair.

    Grant that in the midst of men she shall never think of them.

    Grant moved more slowly, because he did not wish to force his enemy back upon Vicksburg, but to hold him as far north as possible.

    "I have brought her up to you, Mr. Grant," said the constable.

    The attack of June 3d is recognized as the most serious error in Grant's military career.

    Mr. Grant did not think it necessary to indulge in any long lectures.

Word Origin & History of - grant

    Word Origin & History

    grant early 13c., "what is agreed to," from Anglo-Fr. graunter, from O.Fr. granter, variant of creanter "to promise, guarantee, confirm, authorize," from L. credentem (nom. credens), prp. of credere "to believe, to trust." The verb is first attested c.1300. To take (something) for granted (1610s) is from the sense of "admitted, acknowledged."

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