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The Synonym of - gratifying (verb)

Word Example of - gratifying

    Example Sentences for gratifying

    Many of the pretended magnetisers were notorious libertines, who took that opportunity of gratifying their passions.

    It was most gratifying to us that we headed the list of the military subscriptions.

    I caught--'Not without my leave--dependent on me for market-tips,' and other gratifying tributes to my integrity.

    I have no hesitancy in gratifying your wish to comprehend it.

    They had been well primed with ginger cordial, and were obstreperous to a gratifying degree.

    The Report was admirably read, and was most gratifying and encouraging.

    His colleagues on the board were all men of talent and reputation, the association with whom was congenial and gratifying.

    You doubtless have some means of gratifying my ardent longings.

    They were apparently intended to appease the presiding divinity by gratifying her passion for stamping things.

    The result of the first year's experiment has been most gratifying and encouraging.

Word Origin & History of - gratifying

    Word Origin & History

    gratify c.1540, "to show gratitude to," from L. gratificari "to do favor to, oblige, gratify," from gratus "pleasing" (see grace) + root of facere "make, do, perform" (see factitious). Meaning "to give pleasure to" is from 1568.

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