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What is a better word for graze? What's another word for graze? What are 5 "graze synonyms"? How can I replace the word graze? What is the meaning of graze in English?

Word Example of - graze

    Example Sentences for graze

    The aim was sufficiently true to cause the ball to graze the man's forehead, while the smoke and fire partially blinded him.

    To-day you must take a hundred sheep to graze; but be careful that no harm befalls them.'

    Beseech me from the grass; Wings frolic in the air, And graze me as they pass.

    I have just told you that the buffaloes are taken out into the fields to graze.

    On the flanks and in the rear skirmish the elder children, girls and boys, with flocks and herds which graze as they go.

    I turned the horse loose to graze and walked into the shack.

    There were two or three of the lot that I did not think profitable to graze.

    The saddles were taken off, and the horses turned out to graze upon it.

    Cattle will not feed, they tell us, where sheep have fed, as the sheep tear up the earth and also graze very closely.

    To this Hendrik agreed; and the horses were tethered out to graze.

Word Origin & History of - graze

    Word Origin & History

    graze "feed," O.E. grasian "to feed on grass," from græs "grass" (see grass).