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Word Example of - grease

    Example Sentences for grease

    Those fatal, ill-fitting evening clothes that shine with age and grease.

    Cook on a low fire, salt it sufficiently and grease with cream and nothing else.

    Why, she runs as smooth as grease—better than when she was new!

    I wanted it to grease the saw-mill, and the candle lies on a rock by the brook now.

    It would be a vast mistake to suppose, as some of the ancients did, that the grease is really the wheel.

    Heat and grease a gridiron, broil a breast of lamb first on one side, then on the other.

    And the waiters forgot themselves and ran when crossing the carpet, so that it was spotted with grease.

    Anak glistened from his coat of grease, but his skin was bare of ornament.

    It is said that the grease does not prevent the full action of the cap upon the powder.

    Add a cupful, or more, of fresh milk to the grease and thicken with flour.

Word Origin & History of - grease

    Word Origin & History of - grease

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