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Word Example of - great

    Example Sentences for great

    But, with a movement of great swiftness, Garson got in front of her, and barred her going.

    Great stories of Sara's marvelous temper had gone about the camp.

    Returning to the mountain, the fairies, in a band, went with him to the great rock.

    Five hundred workmen were polishing off their plates in the great room.

    And if they are asked why, they answer: ‘There are three great evils in our district!’

    "The world lost a great lyric soloist in you, Jack," commented Jim.

    For a moment he saw the little island with a great cloud above it.

    Jim nodded and steadied her against the great warm rush of the wind.

    The distance was too great: were they never going to get to their destination?

    Henderson had ordered that the costumes be kept a great secret.

Word Origin & History of - great

    Word Origin & History of great

    We're sorry, our database couldn't found the history of great. Please check spelling and try again. We'll update soon great word Origin & History in our database. Thank you for visiting our English to Bengali dictionary.

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