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Word Example of - greatest

    Example Sentences for greatest

    "Here's a go," murmured Gustavus in the greatest trepidation.

    This was Geronimo's country, the land of the greatest of the Apache fighters.

    The wood is very hard, heavy, and is split with the greatest difficulty.

    Nay, I am your greatest enemy, and she does but journey-work under me.

    At first navigation was beset with the greatest difficulties.

    This is one of my greatest comforts: it is the only way I have left of speaking to him.

    The stylists are not the greatest artists, the supreme artists.

    "And that's the greatest of all your illusions," he said, half-laughingly and half-irritably.

    The hunter heard the news from his friend's lips, with the greatest satisfaction.

    Smith, a 'Varsity man, and Pellams Chase, greatest of all joshers.

Word Origin & History of - greatest

    Word Origin & History of - greatest

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