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"greenhorn Synonyms"

What is a better word for greenhorn? What's another word for greenhorn? What are 5 "greenhorn synonyms"? How can I replace the word greenhorn? What is the meaning of greenhorn in English?

Word Example of - greenhorn

    Example Sentences for greenhorn

    It was there the greenhorn from the country took his first steps in the road to ruin.

    I might have knowed it was some greenhorn, when I heard you coming two points off your course.

    Nobody loves me, and the mosquitoes has mistook me for a greenhorn.

    In spite of his nickname, Sally was no greenhorn on occasions like this.

    She, on her side, perceiving what a greenhorn she had to deal with, made up her shrewd little mind to set her cap for me.

    He would not be able to help but regard Alan as a kid, a greenhorn; it was natural.

    But it is nevertheless Gospel truth that I was such a greenhorn as to be almost as sorry for you as I was for myself.

    They found they had not got quite the greenhorn to deal with that they had first imagined.

    Having always been fond of outdoor sports in his Kentucky home, he was, at least, no greenhorn.

    Only a greenhorn is careless of the comfort and welfare of his horse.

Word Origin & History of - greenhorn

    Word Origin & History of greenhorn

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