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Word Example of - grievance

    Example Sentences for grievance

    He told her the story of his grievance; it may be that he even told her some parts of it more than once.

    If there's a person in the world who irritates me it's a woman with whims, a woman who has a grievance.

    The Columbian grievance against the United States; diplomatic developments.

    The grievance of these birds was that they could not manage the tough kernels.

    But Jimmie had a grievance, and every time he thought about it, it made him nervous.

    I was equally passive, for indeed I felt that they had a grievance.

    Now, the cab, the escort, and the sheltering umbrella somewhat diminished the grievance of her enforced withdrawal from her home.

    In fancy he saw Cleigh placing his grievance with the British Admiralty.

    Occupied with the nature of Miss Forbes grievance she had not grasped the other charge against herself to the full.

    The tears started to the young man's eyes as he related this grievance.

Word Origin & History of - grievance

    Word Origin & History

    grievance c.1300, "state of being aggrieved," from O.Fr. grevance, from grever "to harm" (see grieve). In reference to a cause of such a condition, from late 15c.

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