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Word Example of - grimace

    Example Sentences for grimace

    Jimmie's only reply was a wrinkling of his freckled nose in a grimace of extreme disgust and contempt.

    "I'm going across to see her," he said, and Crewe made a grimace.

    I watched his face; the muscles of it contracted into a grimace, then were smoothed again to calmness; he opened his eyes.

    His lips were drawn away from them in a grimace of pure agony.

    Coracle laughs too, but with the grimace of wolf baying the moon.

    "Be not so sure of that," I ventured with a grimace, which I strove to make a smile.

    He tried to twist his seamed 288 features into an ingratiating grin, but the effort was a failure, producing only a grimace.

    While Fandor was going downstairs the pseudo Mme. Ceiron made a grimace.

    "The word 'raw' being heavily accented," Nadia declared, with a grimace.

    On taking the first mouthful, I made a grimace which was imitated by Sumichrast.

Word Origin & History of - grimace

    Word Origin & History

    grimace 1651, from Fr. grimace, from M.Fr. grimache, from O.Fr. grimuche, possibly from Frank. (cf. O.S. grima), from same P.Gmc. root as grim, + pejorative suffix -azo (from L. -aceus).