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Word Example of - grinding

    Example Sentences for grinding

    I see,” said Ralph above the deafening roar of the wind and the grinding wheels, “the Night Express.

    I want to take this knife, this nice, sharp knife that I have been grinding for him.

    Mills for grinding flour and crushing grain have been constructed for the imperial service troops.

    I saw that the step of the mast must have been torn away by grinding upon the rocks.

    The hand mill for grinding grain shown in the picture is exactly the same as those in use in Palestine from the earliest times.

    She is grinding on the reef, and will go to pieces in a few hours.

    In the huts were found implements of obsidian and flat stones used for grinding.

    "We'll see," replied the captain, grinding his teeth and puckering up his lips.

    They thought of the emptiness of their courage, and they stood with their eyes fixed and grinding their teeth.

    In imagination I am grinding my teeth and choking you till I put sense into you.

Word Origin & History of - grinding

    Word Origin & History of - grinding

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