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Word Example of - grip

    Example Sentences for grip

    Looking ahead, my heart pained as if in the grip of an iron hand.

    If he thinks there is reason to fear you, he will never let up on you till he has you in his grip.

    Undoubtedly since the revolt of the duodenum her grip of him had sensibly tightened.

    But she clung like a leech to Sylvia with the black handkerchief in her grip.

    In struggling to regain his grip on the plane, he lost the loose end of his leggins.

    When she saw Maud in Deborah's grip she flew at her sister like a tigress and dragged her off.

    It was not until November 24 that the South was compelled to release its grip upon that city.

    For a week the panic held the financial world in the grip of death.

    The eldest boy wakes up, seizes his stick, and tries to get out of bed, but his mother forces him back with a grip of iron.

    I want to stay aboard until I can think it all over—can get my grip.

Word Origin & History of - grip

    Word Origin & History

    grip O.E. grippan "to grip" (class I strong verb; past tense grap, pp. gripen), from W.Gmc. *gripjan (cf. O.H.G. gripfen), from root of gripe (q.v.). The noun developed from fusion of O.E. gripe "grasp, clutch" and gripa "handful, sheaf." Meaning "stage hand" is from 1888, from their work shifting scenery. Gripping in fig. sense of "grasping the emotions" is from 1896.

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