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What is a better word for gripe? What's another word for gripe? What are 5 "gripe synonyms"? How can I replace the word gripe? What is the meaning of gripe in English?

Word Example of - gripe

    Example Sentences for gripe

    We gape, we grasp, we gripe, add store to 10 store; / Enough requires too much; too much craves more.

    To gripe the tall town-steeple by the waste,And scoop it out to be his drinking-horn.

    Having re-rolled it between her fingers, she placed it within the gripe of a pair of small golden pincers.

    Whoever they be they are friends; they must have rescued me from the gripe of the monster?

    He then stamped upon the hand on the lower bannister, until that also relaxed its gripe.

    That same world is a tough wrestler, and has a bear's gripe.

    The sight was too much for him, and he started up, as I have described, but only to feel the officer's gripe upon his arm.

    For a moment the hardest of all kinds of avarice, that of the genteel, relaxed its gripe.

    In these days I have pains in my loins that bend me in two, and gripe my stomach, and almost make me cry out.

    Muddy swinesnouts, hands, root and root, gripe and wrest them.

Word Origin & History of - gripe

    Word Origin & History

    gripe O.E. gripan "grasp at, lay hold," from P.Gmc. *gripanan (cf. O.S. gripan, O.N. gripa, Du. grijpen, Goth. greifen "to seize"), from PIE base *ghrib- (cf. Lith. griebiu "to seize"). Figurative sense of "complain, grouse" is first attested 1932, probably from earlier meaning "gripping pain in the bowels" (1601).