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The Synonym of - grit (noun)

Word Example of - grit

    Example Sentences for grit

    In these places there is always a certain amount of dirt and grit.

    And grit makes a good, solid foundation, whether it's for a house or a lad.

    The compensating gear is of the bevel type, half shrouded and so close together that sand and grit are kept out.

    I say you can, if you've got grit enough to make a good thing for yourself.

    Tudor-like, she had proved her grit and her pluck when opposing factions tried to wrest her crown from her.

    And on that basis the rank amateurs of Razee proceeded with all the grit that was in them.

    The little marshal was all grit, nerve, faithfulness to duty, from his head to his heels.

    They had never seen anything in him that indicated "grit" before.

    But this was not often, as Dick's uncle was very much afraid of Grit.

    One can make himself what he will if only he has grit and courage.

Word Origin & History of - grit

    Word Origin & History

    grit O.E. greot "sand, dust, earth, gravel," from P.Gmc. *greutan "tiny particles of crushed rock" (cf. O.S. griot, O.Fris. gret, O.N. grjot "rock, stone," Ger. Grieß "grit, sand"), from PIE ghreu- "rub, pound, crush" (cf. Lith. grudas "corn, kernel," O.C.S. gruda "clod"). Sense of "pluck, spirit" first recorded Amer.Eng. 1808. Gritty in sense of "unpleasant" (of literature, etc.) is 1882, in reference to the sensation of eating gritty bread.

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