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Word Example of - groggy

    Example Sentences for groggy

    In the second place, the driver was drunk, and the horse was groggy, and the fiacre was in the last stage of dilapidation.

    There was a hissing sound, a flash of light, and you got groggy, and went out.

    Here the groggy little man set up so loud a laugh that Captain Glew walked away, and the conversation came to an end.

    Think of that, with the Grasshopper as groggy as a five days old calf!

    Groggy Fox pointed to one of the surrounding vessels as he swept past in the Cormorant.

    He was too groggy to say a word, but he comes pretty near winnin' me right there.

    Groggy sailormen, on shore leave, make unsteady attempts upon the dancing balls.

    Frank Corson was shaking his head slowly like a groggy fighter.

    The impact was stunning, and before the old rascal could get to his groggy feet, I had fallen upon him—literally—and done for him.

    "He's groggy," he heard voices say, and then came the welcome splash of the sponge.

Word Origin & History of - groggy

    Word Origin & History

    groggy 1770, "drunk," from grog + -y (2). Non-alcoholic meaning "shaky, tottering" is from 1832, originally from the fight ring.

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