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Word Example of - ground

    Example Sentences for ground

    Hugh strode about the room in obvious perturbation, his eyes bent on the ground.

    Praise cannot stoop, like satire, to the ground; The number may be hanged, but not be crowned.

    Alexandra watched him anxiously; the cold was bitter enough on the ground.

    "'Twas but a hole in the ground when I last saw it," he said.

    Eric seized the curtain in his hand, rent it from its fastenings, and cast it on the ground.

    I have made it the rule of my life, and it is the ground of my future 494hopes.

    They were then to ground their arms and return to their encampments.

    She did better when she reached the middle of the river, where the ice had been ground by the skates.

    David shuddered, and crouched down on the ground as far as he could.

    The Strawberry, who had been examining the ground, said, “Here is her foot again.”

Word Origin & History of - ground

    Word Origin & History

    ground O.E. grund "foundation, ground, surface of the earth," especially "bottom of the sea" (a sense preserved in run aground), from P.Gmc. *grundus, which seems to have meant "deep place" (cf. O.Fris. grund, Du. grond, Ger. Grund "ground, soil, bottom;" O.N. grunn "a shallow place, grund "field, plain," grunnr "bottom"). No known cognates outside Gmc. Sense of "reason, motive" first attested c.1200; electrical sense is from 1870. Grounds "residue at the bottom of a liquid" (mid-14c.) is perhaps from past tense of grind (q.v.). Meaning "deny privileges" is 1940s, originally a punishment meted ...out to pilots (in which sense it is attested from 1931). Ground-hog is attested from 1784; Ground Hog Day first recorded 1871, Amer.Eng. Groundwork (c.1550) is originally "the solid base on which a structure is built;" fig. sense is from 1550s. Groundling "theater patron in the pit" is from c.1600, from the beginning emblematic of bad or unsophisticated taste.

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