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Word Example of - grounds

    Example Sentences for grounds

    Standing on the grounds does not spoil the flavor of coffee as it does tea.

    His house was mean, and he did not improve it; his care was of his grounds.

    There are no grounds therefore for supposing that the interior parts of China are deserts.

    We have no grounds for confidence in these ruling tendencies of our time.

    There is a portion of truth in this statement of the matter, and in the grounds assigned for it.

    The 637Templars were charged with making this deduction when grounds for burning them were sought.

    It was plain that he did not like Peters and she thought he had some grounds for resenting his attempt to explore the country.

    If not, why had he formulated the new theory, and on what grounds?

    The officials come straight to the White House and the uninvited guests form a line on the grounds.

    The grounds for rejecting the criteria of the Roman law have been shown above.

Word Origin & History of - grounds

    Word Origin & History

    ground O.E. grund "foundation, ground, surface of the earth," especially "bottom of the sea" (a sense preserved in run aground), from P.Gmc. *grundus, which seems to have meant "deep place" (cf. O.Fris. grund, Du. grond, Ger. Grund "ground, soil, bottom;" O.N. grunn "a shallow place, grund "field, plain," grunnr "bottom"). No known cognates outside Gmc. Sense of "reason, motive" first attested c.1200; electrical sense is from 1870. Grounds "residue at the bottom of a liquid" (mid-14c.) is perhaps from past tense of grind (q.v.). Meaning "deny privileges" is 1940s, originally a punishment meted ...out to pilots (in which sense it is attested from 1931). Ground-hog is attested from 1784; Ground Hog Day first recorded 1871, Amer.Eng. Groundwork (c.1550) is originally "the solid base on which a structure is built;" fig. sense is from 1550s. Groundling "theater patron in the pit" is from c.1600, from the beginning emblematic of bad or unsophisticated taste.

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