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Word Example of - groundwork

    Example Sentences for groundwork

    Honiton guipure lace is distinguished by the groundwork being of various stitches, in place of being sewn upon a net ground.

    Though there may be a mistake in the application, the groundwork is strong and secure.

    My groundwork for this marble would be exactly the same as that used for oak—a rich cream colour.

    The groundwork of the material therefore is of a mineral nature.

    This constitutes the groundwork of their religion, sacrifices and worship.

    They are born the owners of a layette which becomes the groundwork of their trousseau.

    This ancient fable of the Brahmins was probably the groundwork also of the Grecian fable of the Titan war.

    Every thing and nothing was made the groundwork of ill-will.

    In others it was the barbarian law which formed the groundwork.

    I accepted his denial as the groundwork of a reconciliation.

Word Origin & History of - groundwork

    Word Origin & History of groundwork

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